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Of course, you can always listen to my podcasts… but here’s some audios to listen to… Enjoy! Some require membership to our wonderful forums Teasemania & Get Girlie. If you haven’t joined, you should! Membership is free and painless, just fill out the form. Not only can you hear more explicit audios of me, you can listen to the other wonderful Mistresses as well!

Phone Sex Site Intros:

Be My Throne
Black Book Girls
Body Worship 101
Chastity Hell
Cock Control
Cuckold Fantasies
Erotic Audios
Extreme Cock Control
Extreme Cocktease
Fem Phone
Foot Fetish Phone Sex
Get Naked for Us
Giantess Island
I Will Ignore You
Legs Forever
MILF Phone Sex
Mistress of Mean
Phone Humiliation
Please Your Mistress
Sensual Domination
Sissy School
Strap On Fem Dommes
Stroke For Me
Suck Patrol
Vox Erotic
Wake Up Sexy

Teasemania Forum Posts w/ Audio:

Adoration for My Strapon
Foot Fetish Fun
Saga of the Panty Thief Part 1
Saga of the Panty Thief Part 2
Teased to the Edge
Pink Panty Tease
Coerced Into Cumeating
The Allure of the Cuckold Lifestyle
Expectations from the Male Submissive
Slipping into Submission Part 1
Slipping into Submission Part 2
She’s Going to Cuckold You
His First Day in Prison
Owning Your Sexual Fantasies
Well Trained
On Your Knees! Coerced Bi
Masturbation Name Game
Strap On Bitch Boy
Cockteasing, the Ultimate Humiliation
Public Humiliation – Exposure & Exhibitionism
Why You Love the Cock
On the Use of Beta Males
Phone Humiliation
Anatomy of a Cuckold Husband
Small Cock Humiliation – Origin of a Fetish
A Taste of Femdom Utopia
My Love for Strap On Phone Sex
Taking a Firm Hand With You
Hey There Panty Thief
Why Cuckolding?
Date Night Cuckold
Stroke it For Me, A Guided Masturbation Tease
Cock Humiliation – Not Just for Teenie Weenies
I Control Your Cock Now
Are You Sure That’s A Cock?
Meet My Strap On
Ruined Orgasm
For the Panty Theives
Pizza Delivery Humiliation Fun
Emasculating You With Chastity
Little Man… A Cuckold Short
A Public Humiliation Fantasy
Slow, Seductive Cocktease
Virgin Explorations
Jerk Off Boy
The Nature of Temptation
Bad Boy Gets Chastity
I Know You Love to Stroke
A Cuckold Short
You Know You Love the Cock
A Guided Masturbation Tease
My Beautiful Strapon Cock

Get Girlie Forum Posts:

Sissy Slut Gets Trained
Playing With Sissies
The Strap On Virgin’s Big Night
Sissy Slut’s Night Out
My Sissy Cuckold
So You Want to Suck Cock
Are You a Girlie Girl?
Sissy Bitch Boss
Humiliation of a Sissy Girl in Pink
Sissy Makeup Tips for Fall
Coerced Bi Fun
Sissy’s First Date
Sissy’s Night Out
First Time Sissy Fag
Working Out, Sissy Style
Let’s Talk Panties
The Importance of Feeling Feminine
Girls Night Out
Hey There, Girlie Girl

Phone Sex Assignments:

Cocktease Bootcamp
Cuckold Bootcamp
Domination Bootcamp
Humiliation Bootcamp
May I Cum?